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In today's digital age, everything is available at a click, Service goods and money are all available at the click of a button, new platform is being made available to rural entrepreneurs through Gav Maze App.

This includes numbers of all service professionals and essential services in your village Also, updates on all the happenings in your area and all the information about your village and town Will be available on this platform.

Through Maze Gav App, we can give a new direction to our business. Maze Gav App provides the number of services in your village. You should take advantage of the services at your own risk In Maze Gav App you will find numbers from different areas of your village for example construction area, education area all shopkeepers There will be lots of technicians, mechanics, suppliers in all departments

Also, the number of government offices in your village and related persons will be available from the state in the government sector, so it will help you to get the right information at the click of a button.

Note- All government numbers are taken at the time of app development.


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